Security when walking to school It would

Security when walking to school
It would be a wonderful world if we didn’t have to worry about our children as they travel alone, either to and from school or out playing. You can reduce this worry if you teach your children to be aware of potential situations to avoid. Have a discussion about child molesters and bullying that can take place as they move around your neighborhood. Traffic safety is a must to teach them about.
Walk with them a few times to make them comfortable with the walk to and from school.

Here are some more tips.
• Make sure children walk or bike to school or any other location with a friend. There is safety in numbers.
• Walk the route to and from school with your children, pointing out safe places to go if they are being followed or need help.
• Teach your children to let you know when they are leaving the house or playing outside. If they are changing travelling plans to let you know. Ask what route they are going to take.
• Caution children never to accept a ride from anyone unless you have told them it is okay to do so in every instance.
• Remind children that it is okay to say “no” to anything that makes them feel scared, uncomfortable and confused. Indicate strongly that they need to advise you of anything or anyone make them feel uneasy.
• Advise children that if anyone tries to grab them to make lots of noise and yell out for help. Kicking and screaming will often deter a child molester.
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