At Rodwell Security Consulting and Training Ltd, I wish through this blog to provide information to our corporate clients and friends so they may live and work crime free.

My philosophy is:

“I believe that if people and companies were armed with the knowledge on how crimes are committed and put preventive strategies into their daily life, they would greatly reduce their potential to become the victim of crime.”                          Dave Rodwell

Please enjoy the blog and I welcome any suggestions on future topics.

About author

Dave developed his investigative acumen and expertise over a span of 28 years of service with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Over the years, he has handled a multitude of criminal investigations from shoplifting to murder. Dave has worked on some of Alberta’s and the Northwest Territory’s most extensive investigations.

Upon retirement from the RCMP, Dave entered the field of private investigation and security consultation work. For the last number of years, he has helped companies and individuals by conducting investigations: in internal thefts, insurance investigations, motor vehicle accident investigations, unfair business practices, wrongful dismal, sexual harassment, pre-employment screening, and missing persons to name a few.

He has helped a number of companies with an assessment of their security needs, and pro-vided written procedural manuals to meet their company needs, including the training of staff on Corporate Security issues.

To learn more about Dave’s workshops and consulting, visit his website.


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