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Will We Soon be Dropping our Drawers to Get On Planes?

On Friday, I pulled out ID to show airline staff with my boarding pass for a flight to Toronto.  I was informed that my ID was no good, even though it had my picture, and was signed by the Commissioner of the RCMP.  It didn’t have on it my sex.  Those that know me can assure that there is absolutely nothing feminine looking about me.

Pulling out other ID, I asked, “Will you be checking my genitalia?”  She replied, “‘Of course not.”  I asked her, “If that is true, what does it matter if I have on ID whether I am male or female? Will it make a difference as to whether I can get on a plane or not?” She replied, “Not really.”  Feeling like she needed to justify this rule, she added, “Someone could be a transvestite.” Now this was getting real good, so I said, “Would that make a difference if they could get on the plane?”  Her answer was, “No”.  So, I inquired: “If they are halfway through the procedure to change from male to female, what would they put on their ID?”  Giving up, she replied, “I don’t know. I don’t make these rules up. It’s a Transport Canada rule.”

I thanked her for letting me have fun with this, and those in the line behind me also enjoyed the exchange.  But think about this for a minute: Here is another example of someone sitting a desk coming up with an idea;  in this case a rule that has no application.   Next time you are writing policy that you expect others to enact, think how it will be applied.


My Take on the Dawson College Shooting Study

What a news flash!  After nearly 1,000 Dawson College students were interviewed in a three year research project, that they concluded 30 per cent of respondents experienced some psychological disorder, such as post-traumatic stress or depression.   It took all this effort to come to a conclusion that any rational person could have told you in 5 seconds.   Anyone that is a part of a tragedy of that magnitude is going to have some effects as a result of it for the rest of their lives.

I have no problem with the findings or the desire to help those that were effected, but I do with the waste of money that universities keep spending on stupid research, and then say is ground breaking information.  Universities across this country keep moving up tuition fees for students and claiming poverty looking for government handouts.  But they continue to waste money doing useless things that have no bearing on society, because someone has an idea that they would like to look into whatever.

Get back to doing your core work, and that is preparing and training our young people to go forth and be the leaders of tomorrow.  Give them the skill sets to make our country a better place to live.